Consulting Services

Local Food. Vibrant Communities. Sustainable Solutions.
Consulting services to ensure the resiliency and long-term success of your urban agriculture project.

Whether you’re an urban infill developer looking a for an innovative, new approach; a social entrepreneur with ambitions of revamping food systems in your municipality; or a community advocate seeking a solution for a local food desert, I can turn your ideas into success stories. Services include:

Market Analysis
Identify your customer and clarify your concept.

Site Feasibility:
Review building and permit requirements. Establish what you are looking for in a site or opportunities and parameters given the site you’ve selected.

Product Development:
Detail what you are selling, who you are selling to, and all associated regulations.

Business Feasibility
Develop a comprehensive business plan with well-defined sales and distribution channels.

Organizational Design:
Build the team of experts necessary to actualize your project. Outline employee training plans and organizational growth model.

Systems Design
Employ growing system analysis to annex the right techniques and technologies for your project. Optimize cohesive processes for production, packaging, sales, distribution, and waste management.

Financial Planning:
Build financial projections, establish fail-forward funding goals, and detail fundraising concepts.

Business Development:
Create pitch packages and define opportunities for community partnership development.

Design tools to evaluate the continued success of your business.

In urban agriculture, successful projects are integrated projects. As a consultant with more than twenty years of experience in the field, I have the tools and expertise to help you design comprehensive solutions that benefit your organization, your community, and the environment. Let’s work together!